The upcoming years are going to be a hardship for everyone, whereas many of us have been heavily affected by the sudden emergence of the pandemic COVID-19. The virus has locked us down in our countries, our cities, and our homes. The post-crisis is another spectrum altogether as we are yet to see how the new world will unfold, which will affect our global economy, and thus affect our jobs, businesses, social security, etc. Well, a lot of people have lost their jobs and some of them are also unable to study or learn skills properly due to the movement control order by the government. Thus, there is a portal that may in some way rehabilitate this post-pandemic ‘disaster’.

But… What is this portal all about? How may this portal lead you to earn extra income? Continue your reading in this article to find out how it works!

Zd Portal is an electronic platform that offers knowledge and skills with three ways of learning; Online Learning, Home-Class & Zd-Share. Here are the things that may interest you to join as a tutor:

1.Zero registration fees.

2.Make your own schedule.

3.Choose to teach sessions in person or online.

4.Choose your own rates for each session.

5. Select students you want to teach based on your schedule.

It's interesting, isn’t it? And you can join this portal with such an easy step as follows:

1.Join & Sign up

It's easy! Just create your account and set up your profile!


You want to learn new knowledge and skills? Here is the right place for you!


We provide a platform FREE for those who want to teach new skills & knowledge. Come to join us now!

4.Choose Knowledge & Skills

Various knowledge and skills are here. From academic to repairing a car! We have it all here.

5.Make Booking

Do you find what you want? Don’t wait, make a booking and choose your day.

6. Learn & Make Payment

Once you learn the skill you want, it's time to make the payment. And don’t forget to give a rating to your provider.

Hold up! Zd Portal also benefits the learners as well! Here are the reasons why you should choose Zd Portal as your platform to gain more knowledge and skills:

1. Various skills and knowledge are provided.

2. Zd Share gives an exciting way to learn at a cheaper price.

3. We do not charge anyone to be on our platform. It's absolutely free! You only pay the provider that you want to learn with.

4. The learner can request what kind of knowledge that he or she desires and may choose the way to learn it.

5. There will be engagement between the learner and the provider throughout the session.