You are looking for opportunities to get income, but at the same time, you dont want to be burdened by the fixed time of working hours! You might also hate the hassle you have to face on your way to the office with traffic all over the area. Let's say your work time starts at 8 a.m. then it means you have to move from your house around 6.30 a.m. just so you will not be stuck in that nightmare. Furthermore, you will suffer a headache and stress to find parking for your vehicle! And that if you own a vehicle, what about if you use public transport to move from your home to work? Either take a shuttle or grab to the station just to face the horrible moment awaiting you with the thousand people pushing each other just to ensure a secure stand in LRT.

If you think that all of the above matters are extremely annoying, then you should have your own workspace at home where you can control everything! Just set your own time of work, determine your own fees, and you may even be working by lying down on your couch while still wearing your sleep clothes. Voila… It is simple and easy! Cool, isnt it?

So… Now you decided to do it, but from where you can start? Well, there are a lot of fields that you may choose, it depends on what you are confident and expert with. Some people may start their own business of photography services where you can earn quite a good income either as a freelancer or full-time photographer. Or maybe you can choose to start to become a drop-ship with some famous brand where you can do everything right from your home. Just promote, receive orders, do delivery and receive a commission on every sale that you made. And it totally gives you freedom of time and saves you a lot of budgets, whereas you dont need to own an office or even need to standby with dozens of stocks as a starter.

Apart from the example above, there is another field that you might be more interested in trying on; teaching & consulting online. Nowadays a lot of websites offer platforms for online teaching, and this could be the best chance for that ideal for you. One of the exciting platforms that are lively on the surface now is Zd Portal. Oh… Don't you hear about them? Dont have any idea what Zd Portal is all about? Yeah, it's utterly new, but have no worries and continue reading, and I may brief you on how you can freely control your time and get extra income with this portal.

To be part of a tutor or service provider with this online learning platform is just a piece of cake! It's not compulsory to have a bachelor or degree to register with them, but yes, for some categories or circumstances, you will need it to convince a learner to come to you after checking your profile. The Zd Portal is also not limited only to academics, it can also provide you with a place for teaching skills like repairing a fridge, plumbing, and any other Do It Yourself consultancy. Down below are the steps that you may follow on how to become their expertise:

1. Go to

2. Register and create your account.

3. Check your email, get the code and verify.

4. Open your profile and go to My Courses".

5. Click Add new collection”.

6. Fill it up with any courses that you want to offer.

7. Add courses, state your preferred location, set your own time to teach, and put your own rate. Bam! You are ready!

Hold up… Do you need to pay rent” for placing your profile with them? It's absolutely zero cost for setting up your profile and staying as long as you want without being charged for anything. Zd Portal will only take a commission from you once any people decide to learn from you. Not a bad deal, isnt it? Zd Portal bears all the cost of the host, promotion, marketing, and you can use their platform for free and get promotions for free too! So, what have you been waiting for? Register now and share it with the world. Let them know that knowledge can be accessed at their own fingertips.