Who can use the term “gone viral” now without shuddering a little? Who can look at anything anymore — a door handle, a cardboard carton, a bag of vegetables — without imagining it swarming with those unseeable, undead, unpredictable blobs dotted with suction pads waiting to fasten themselves on to our lungs? Who can think of embracing & hugging our family members & friends, kissing a stranger, jumping on public transport, or sending their child to school without feeling real fear? Which scientist or doctor is not secretly praying for a miracle? Which priest is not — secretly, at least — submitting to science?


We are currently dealing with the immediate crisis as best we are able. Our leaders are navigating uncharted waters. Some of us are staying at home, often in appalling conditions of overcrowding or loneliness, and threatened by fear of violence, hunger, and deprivation. Some of us are on the front, providing medical care, support, and essential social services. Some are growing, supplying, selling, and sharing food to sustain us. We are learning fast about the meaning of community and social co-operation.


But what about the long-term implications of Covid-19? Life as we’ve known it is unraveling and becoming frighteningly unpredictable and precarious. What happens once we have flattened the curve and our health care workers have gone home for an uninterrupted night’s sleep? The long-term prospects are still terrifying: unemployment, hunger, poverty, financial collapse, debt, depression, and anxiety, a depleted health care system, and dysfunctional schools with unequal and lost learning opportunities. How do we rebuild our lives and our communities out of these ashes?


There can be a new story of hope but we must be prepared for it to be radical. When we are through with Covid-19, there are going to be even bigger curves to flatten.  A simple search on post-pandemics will bring you a few meanings:

“An opportunity to reset human history.”

“A portal – a gateway between one world and the next.”

“A stark opportunity for a deep industrial and economic planetary reboot.”

“A time of hope for humanity and the planet in a more stable new normal.”

“An opportunity to build a transformed society based on a new set of values.”

What does this mean for us all? The benchmarks of happiness can no longer be measured by economic growth, excessive wealth and material possessions, individualism, and its spoils for a few, of free-market capitalism. There will be sacrifices as we reject business as usual.  


It is obvious that the pandemic is showing us that when humanity is united in a common cause, phenomenally rapid change is possible. It is an opportunity to build an intentional society on the love that is already shining through the cracks of the world of separation.” 

Now, more than ever, we need collective visionary and ethical leadership that upholds values over individual self-aggrandize. Leadership is guided by hope, compassion, generosity, and love. Our burdens will be lightened if we share the load. 


With this clarity, let’s move on to rejoice in the simple pleasures and joys life has to offer, in short, be GRATEFUL. Hence, a platform has been developed where it can benefit all people, especially those who are affected by this pandemic. Not only to provide opportunities to get income, but many people and institutions can use this platform to seek consultants nearby to help them in gaining new skills and knowledge with such ease.

Zd Portal is an electronic platform that offers knowledge and skills as well as sources of income. There will be three ways of learning; Online Learning, Home-Class & Zd-Share.

With the vision of becoming the primary source for gaining information, skills, and consulting online or face to face.  As the mission to facilitate access to educational, training, and consulting services in all areas of life by linking individual service providers and beneficiaries in one place and one application, ZD Portal might be able to bring big changes while inspiring and encouraging all of us to gain back what we have been missing.