How to set up a ZD Account?

To make a ZD account:

  1. Go to ZDportal.com
  2. At the top of the page, click Sign up.
  3. Insert your name, email, and password.
  4. If you choose to create a new ZD portal account with a name, email, and password, your password needs to be 8 characters or longer.
  5. Once you create your account, you can change your account settings at any time.
Why my email address isn't working?

If you see a message that says "We couldn't find an account associated with that email address" when you try to log in or change your password, the problem could be:

  • You used a different address when you made your ZD PORTAL account. If you have a different email address, try using that one.
  • You ZD PORTAL your email address when you made your ZD PORTAL account. Try entering common typos or variations on your email address.
How to reset your ZD PORTAL password?

If you're already logged in to your ZD PORTAL account, you can change your password using your Settings page.

If you forgot your ZD PORTAL password, you can reset it.

To reset your password:

  1. Open the Reset Password page.
  2. Enter the email address you use with your ZD PORTAL account.
  3. We'll send you an email to change your ZD PORTAL password. If you don't get an email after a few minutes, check your spam folder.
  4. After you change or reset your password, you may need to clear your browser before using your new password
How to enroll in a course?

Steps to enroll

To enroll in a course:

  1. Open the course information page by clicking on the course title.
  2. Click Enroll.
  3. Choose an option.
  4. Read all instructions and follow any prompts you receive.
  5. Once you’re enrolled, you can start taking a course once the provider sets up the time for the online class.
  6. See courses you're enrolled in
  7. Once you’re enrolled in a course, you’ll see it on your ZD PORTAL home page while logged in. Click in Progress or Completed to see all of the courses in those categories.
How to report a problem with a course?

If you find a problem with a course while using ZD PORTAL, we want to know about it. Use this article to understand how and when to report problems with a course to us.

Report a problem with course materials

If you find a problem with a live video, a record, you can report it in the course itself.

When you report something in course materials:

  • The course instructor may see your feedback.
  • You won't get a direct response.
  • Other learners won't see your feedback.

To flag a problem in course materials:

  1. Open the course material you want to report a problem with. 
  2. Click the flag icon.
  3. Choose the type of issue you're reporting.
  4. Type as much information as you can about the problem, then click Send.

Serious problems

Serious problems might include:

  • An assignment deadline set before the course start date
  • A broken link to something required for an assignment
  • A video that has no subtitles
  • Anything that prevents you from taking or understanding the course

If you notice a serious problem with a course, please contact us.

When you contact us to report a problem, please include:

  • Information about the problem
  • Links to the problem
  • Any other information that helps us understand the problem
How to verify your ID?

To get a certificate, you'll need to verify your identity. Some courses require ID Verification, while others only need Name Verification.

If ID Verification is required for a certificate in a course you’re taking, we'll prompt you to verify during the course and in your Settings page.

You only need to complete ID Verification once to get a certificate for any course you take.


During ID verification, you’ll need to provide:

  • Your full name
  • A clear image of your valid, government-issued photo ID
  • A clear photo of your face

You can use these types of IDs in the verification process:

  • Passport

IDs must show your full name, birth-date, and a clear photo of your face. We can’t verify IDs that are:

  • Expired
  • Photocopied
  • Not issued by a government
  • From a restricted country

When you submit your ID information, we make sure your information is secure. After we verify your ID, we delete the photos and related personal information. You can read more about our privacy policies in our Terms of Service.

Steps to verify

To verify using your ID:

  1. Log in to your ZD PORTAL account.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to your name in the top-left, then click Settings.
  3. Scroll to the ID Verification section. If you aren’t enrolled in a course that requires ID verification, you’ll only see the option for Name Verification.
  4. Click Verify My ID and follow the steps that appear.

ID Verification usually takes minutes, but occasionally up to 24 hours to process. Once our system verifies your ID, we update your Settings page.

Why I get Images upload issues?

If you can't upload images from your device, try:

  • Updating your current device or browser or using a different one
  • Uploading .jpg that’s less than 2 MB


How to solve problems with ZD portal?

If you're having problems connecting to ZD PORTAL, first:

  • Check your Internet connection
  • Try clearing your cache and cookies
  • Try waiting a few minutes before re-connecting to ZD PORTAL
  • Check status.ZD PORTAL.com for updates
  • Make sure you're using a supported and updated browser.
  • Make sure you're using a supported and updated device.

You can also ask for help in our ZD PORTAL Community.

If you find a problem with course materials, you can let the instructor know by flagging it.

If you're having a problem with another user on ZD PORTAL, you can report a violation of the Honor Code or our Code of Conduct.

If ZD PORTAL is not loading in China or Russia, try waiting a while and then trying again.

Clear your cache & cookies

If you’re having a technical issue with ZD PORTAL, you may be able to resolve it by clearing your cache and cookies, because it’s the first step to try solving problems on ZD PORTAL.

Clearing your cache and cookies can help resolve issues like:

  • Incorrect or missing content on your Accomplishments page
  • Incorrect or missing course progress
  • Incorrect or missing courses in your Enrollments


  1. Open your internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome.
  2. At the same time, press Command-Shift-Delete.


  1. Open your internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome.
  2. At the same time, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete.

Browser settings

Most internet browsers have menu options that let you clear your cache and cookies. For help with clearing your cache and cookies in specific browsers, check this article.

After you clear your cache and cookies

After you clear your cache and cookies, you’ll need to re-enter your ZD PORTAL login information. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it.

Once you’ve logged into your ZD PORTAL account, you can check to see if your issue is resolved. If you still need help, check our troubleshooting pages.

Try an incognito browser

If you don’t want to clear your cache and cookies, you can also try using a private or incognito browser. After opening an incognito or private window in your internet browser, you will need to log into ZD PORTAL again. If your problem is solved when using private or incognito mode, it can also be solved by clearing your cache and cookies.

How to do the payment on ZD portal?

To get a Course Certificate for a course, you will need to pay a fee. For some courses, paying the fee also gives you access to other course features, like graded assignments.

To learn more about payment options, see Accepted payment methods.

Course prices

Some courses on ZD PORTAL are offered for a one-time payment that lasts for 180 days. You can see how much a course costs on the course home page. Payments in some areas may include a sales tax. Sales tax will be listed on your checkout page.

Pricing variations

You may notice some variation in course prices on ZD PORTAL. This is normal, as we continually adjust our offerings based on new information about the value our courses provide to learners.

To make sure that variations in price don't hurt your experience on ZD PORTAL, we're committed to the following:

Transparency. Prices are clearly displayed on our course payment pages. You'll always pay exactly the amount you see when you enter your payment information.

Accepted payment methods

Credit cards

You can make payments on ZD PORTAL using the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • FPAY
  • Online Banking
  • E-Wallet

Prepaid cards

You can use a prepaid card from one of the above credit card brands for one-time payments. You can't use a prepaid card for a ZD PORTAL subscription.

Debit cards

You can make payments on ZD PORTAL using Visa or MasterCard debit cards. You can't use a prepaid card for a subscription payment.

Save your payment information

When you enter your credit card information in ZD PORTAL, your payment information will be saved to use again in the future.

When you save your payment information in ZD PORTAL, we'll store your information securely. You can change your payment information or delete a saved credit card any time using your Settings page. You can save more than one credit card to your ZD PORTAL account, and choose which card you want to use at checkout.

To change your payment information:

  1. Open your Settings page
  2. Click Payment
  3. Click EDIT

Options for saving your payment information

When you check to Save your credit card information for future purchases, the next time you want to pay for something on ZD PORTAL, your credit card information will already be entered for you on the payment page.

When you check Use 1-step payment for future purchases, the next time you want to pay for a course, you won’t be taken to a payment page. Your credit card will be charged as soon as you click the Pay button from the course home page.

If you make an accidental payment, you can refund it.

How to solve problems with payments?

If you're having issues with payments on ZD PORTAL, find your problem below.

I submitted payment but it's not showing up

  • If you submitted a payment, check you're My Purchases page to see if it went through.
  • If a payment you made doesn't show up in your purchases, check your bank statement to see if the payment was processed by your bank.
  • If your bank has a record of the purchase, but it's not appearing on ZD PORTAL, check to see if you have a different ZD PORTAL account.

I get an error when I try to pay

If ZD PORTAL can't process your payment, try:

  • Making sure you're using an approved payment method. Debit cards, pre-paid, and PayPal may not work for certain types of payments or from certain countries.
  • Using a different browser or device
  • Clearing your cache and cookies