Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 7, 2021


Thanks for your trust in the “ZD” platform.

"ZD" Platform and ZD Portal For Educational Consultant in the State of Malaysia seeks to preserve the privacy of the platform users. We have formulated this policy to clarify the data we collect about platform users, the purposes of using the data, and the limits of its disclosure. Please read this policy with due diligence, by using the platform or any of its services you agree to this policy with all the terms and conditions contained. This policy includes the following sections:


Section 1: Definitions

In this policy, unless otherwise required by the context, the following terms shall have the meanings referred to.

“Platform”, “ZD” “We”, “Us” or “Our” shall refer to the website, the Blog (, and ZD Portal For Educational Consultant in the State of Malaysia.

“User”, “You” or Your” refers to the person who visits or uses the platform or requests distance service content through the platform.

Service provider” refers to every specialized person who provides the service content to service requesters through the platform, whether this person is a service provider, consultant, or trainer.

“Learner” refers to every person who requests to benefit from the service content provided by service providers through the platform, following the mechanisms of displaying and requesting the service through the platform.

Service content”  refers to the educational or training content or consultations that service providers provide to learners through the platform, which must be subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

“Content” refers to texts, images, videos, service content, graphics, symbols, letters, and numbers posted via the platform pages.

Policy refers to this document as well as the terms and conditions contained herein.

Data refers to the data collected about the user or the data he provides to us or the data collected about the devices he uses while communicating with the platform or the data connected with visiting and using the platform.

Section 2: Data we collect about you

We might collect and process the following data about you:

1. The data you provide us with while registering in the “ZD” platform such as (full name, username, email, activation code).

2. The data which the service provider provides us with as the content of the services, which includes content, services, pricing, and others.

3. The overview which the service provider provides us with or which the service provider provides through the platform for the learners to access it.

4. The data of subscribing to the services which include (learner's data registered with us, electronic payment data).

5. Data which the learner provides us with while communicating with us through the platform regarding any problem related to receiving services or any of the platform services.

6. Data which the learner provides us with while assessing the services he receives through the platform.

7. The data we see to be necessary for ascertaining your identity or ascertaining the validity and legality of any operations you carry out via the store including a photocopy of your passport or ID card.

8. Any data provided to us by the platform users while communicating with them or while communicating with us for any reason.

9. Any data we request at any time with the consent of the user.

Section 3: Data we collect automatically

Data we collect automatically about the use of our services. We might receive some information from the internet browser and your personal device including the correlation definition files and similar techniques the use of our services and this includes (Computer and contact information such as statistics connected with views of pages, movement of passage from and to our services, URL address, IP address, unique device identifier, browsing record, web record information).

Section 4: Cookies Policy

Cookies are text files stored on your device when visiting some pages of the web. These files will not cause harm to your device. They are used as follows:

1. Cookies are used to provide information for example in the “ZD” platform, some cookies help us to specify the errors and to fix them.

2. Some cookies help us to remember the pages and models you watch when you visit the “ZD” platform.

3. Cookies aim at improving the trial of the “ZD” platform every time users visit the platform.

4. There are cookies of pages published via the “ZD” platform and they don’t belong to us such as the content of the movie belonging to and you know and agree that we don’t control the cookies of such platforms and you have to enter these platforms and have access to the policies they follow.

5. You can change the favorites of the cookies by entering the settings of your browser and choosing the suitable ones for you.

Section 5: Limits of using your data

We are always bound by protecting your privacy. Consequently, we use your personal data for the following purposes:

1. Enabling you to use “ZD” services in the best way and providing always the best to you.

2. Creating your account or your personal profile on the “ZD” platform through which we communicate with us via the platform.

3. Processing the data you provide via our services such as checking your e-mail or that your phone No is active, fit for use, and owned by you.

4. To enable service providers to view services through the "ZD" platform, pricing them, and view the motivational content through the platform.

5. To view the service providers' overview to enable the learners to access it and know the biography of each service provider before subscribing to the educational content offered by him.

6. To enable the learner to access the services available for subscribing through the platform, and to submit subscription requests and electronic payment through the platform.

7. To enable the platform to know the devices through which users' accounts were opened, to perform all the procedures stipulated in the terms and conditions.

8. Receiving your questions, complaints, and inquiries as well as replying to them.

9. Receiving your comments and assessment of the service you received via the “ZD” platform as well as replying to them.

10. Processing your answers to the questionnaires offered via the platform.

11. To provide you with information about the services you request via the "ZD" platform.

12. To provide you with information about your subscription at services and to enable you to access your subscription list.

13. For internal work such as improving our services.

14. For allocating the content, recommendations, and advertisements we offer or offered by third parties to you via the services of the “ZD” platform.

15 Communicating with you about the governmental contacts according to our discretion given the changes of the privacy policy, the conditions of use, or any of our other policies.

16. For complying with the regulatory and legal obligations.

17. For the purposes revealed at the time of providing of your information with your agreement and according to this privacy policy.

Section 6: Disclosure of your data

1. You shall entitle us to allow our employees to deal with your personal data within the limits of providing the services.

2. We may disclose your personal data to any member of our group which means our subsidiaries and our companies.

3. We may disclose some of your data with service providers or authorities that share us in providing services, this includes:

  • Disclosure of your data to service providers whose you request their services through the platform and the disclosure is limited to those data necessary to provide the service.
  • The bodies share with us the provisions of services for the protection from credit risks, deceptions, and online hacking.

4. We might reveal your personal data to third parties when:

  • We sell the assets of our company or upon the entry of partners with us, we hence reveal your data to the buyer or the new partner.
  • In case we are required to disclose your personal data or to share it for the protection of the rights and property or the safety of the “ZD” platform, our employees, or others.

5. We might reveal your personal data in compliance with legal or contractual obligations in the following cases:

  • In case we are required to disclose your personal data or to share it in compliance with any legal obligation or for the imposition or application of our terms and conditions or any other agreement.
  • In case of rendering a judicial decision or order by the various judicial competent bodies that bind on us.
  • In case of issuing a decision by the public authorities that bind on us.

Section 7: Emails and Notifications

Your registration and use of the ZD platform shall be deemed to be an agreement on receiving e-mails promoting our services, products, and notices of the site and its policy, and in case you don’t wish to do so, you can suspend the reception of these messages through correspondence with us. In this case, we don’t ensure that you will enjoy our services fully.

Section 8: Management of your personal data

1. The user has the right to contact us at any time to know the data we collected about him, he has the right to request editing or deleting these data, and it's required that this step should be done legally and not be intended to mislead.

2. You can access and review your personal information on the My Account page of the platform. If your personal information changes in any way or is incorrectly presented on the platform you should immediately update or correct your personal information by accessing the My Account page on the platform or by contacting our customer support team.

3. Please note that we shall retain your personal information during and following the end of your use of the store as required to comply with the law, for technical troubleshooting requirements, to prevent fraud, to assist in any legal investigations, and to take any other actions otherwise permitted by law.

Section 9: Modifications

1. We shall be entitled to modify our privacy policy at any time and we shall publish a general notice of the new modifications via the platform. Also, we shall update “Last Updated” at the top of this document.

2. Your continuity of using the platform after updating this policy shall be deemed to be an express consent by you to these modifications and a legal acceptance of the new practices and terms.

3. In case you don’t agree with the new modifications and updates, you must immediately suspend the use of the platform.

4. You should have access to the privacy policy from time to another about its terms and updates.

Section 10: Contacting us

You can contact us at any time via:

- E-mail Address:

- Phone No.: (+60)125154254